See. Eat. Discover.
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What is a food tour?

Get to know Bloomington as you never have before! On our tour, you will savor authentic cultural cuisine while visiting historical sites the area is known for with one of our Local Tour Guides. Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, this three hour guided walking tour is a unique combination of food and drink tastings as well as an insightful glance into Bloomington’s historical and local attractions (including significant facts about our very own Indiana University!).

The menu ranges from savory to sweet cuisine, ethnic foods to locally admired wines, and an insider’s view into the history and architecture that defines Bloomington. This unique and delectable experience will leave you with new culinary perspectives and satisfied appetites, yet your taste buds will be hungrier than ever to continue exploring more hidden, tasteful treasures Bloomington has to offer.

Why this Walking Tour?

  • TAKE a walk with us. On this insightful, culinary adventure, you will See, Eat, and Discover Bloomington like never before while also getting some exercise (but not too much!). Some things just can’t be appreciated from a moving car.
  • ADORE the history, architecture, and cuisine from the perspective of a true Bloomington local.
  • SAVOR a variety of food and drink tastings from six local and beloved favorites.
  • TRUST in our team of Local Tour Guides—we are knowledgeable and passionate about Bloomington’s rich history, architecture, and cuisine. Not to mention, we love food just like you!
  • ESCAPE the typical! Go beyond Kirkwood and see Bloomington from an entirely new view while also tasting hidden treasures along the way.

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