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Go beyond Kirkwood! Bloomington’s main street is adored for having a variety of pubs and eateries which are popular and convenient for many of our college students. Yet during our tour, you will be taken beyond the well-beaten path and onto a road traveled by locals. During this three hour adventure, you will experience tastings at six of our hidden treasures in the heart of Bloomington while also getting a hearty serving of cultural, architectural, and historical knowledge. By the end of the tour, your tummies might be full, but your taste buds will be begging for more!

Why Take Our Bites of Bloomington Food Tour?

Leave tourism for another day and take a walk with a local. On our food tour, you won’t be taken to the typical touristy locations frequented by rushed visitors looking to eat on the go. Slow down with us, and experience Bloomington as a local by savoring an experience than can only be offered by locals. On this tour, you will experience restaurants you may not have found otherwise while also learning about how they got their start. Not only that, in between bites, you’ll gain insight into parts of Bloomington that simply can’t be appreciated from a moving car.

How else can you experience Bloomington so authentically? Our knowledgeable and charming Local Tour Guides will take you on a culinary and cultural adventure that will leave you with memories which you will treasure for years to come as well as a hunger to find more hidden gems in our beloved Bloomington. After the tour, take advantage of our exclusive coupons and restaurant recommendations that make Bloomington locals proud to call it home.

Bites of Bloomington Food Tour

See the historical and architectural sites that make this town great.
Eat deliciously prepared cuisine at our diverse as well as ethnic restaurants.
Discover a breathtaking path travelled by locals where you’ll see, taste, and love Bloomington as you never have before.

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